Free 3D OCT Scan or Fundus Imaging

Free Spectacles with NHS Voucher

Quality NHS Eye Examinations

Primesight Opticians offer free NHS sight tests to children and those in the categories below.

1. Over 60 year old

For Home Visit Eye Care, phone 01502 341078 to request for Home Visit Eye Tests, please.

2.  Aged under 16 or a full-time student 

under 19 or you or your partner receive :

Income Support

Income-Based Jobseekers Allowance


Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

NHS Exemption Certificate

Universal Credit

HC2 Certificate

The patients in category 2. above are also entitled to have NHS Optical Vouchers if spectacles corrections are required.

3. Registered Visually Impaired.

4. Suffer from Diabetes Mellitus or Glaucoma

5. Over 40 years old and the parent/brother/sister/child of 

a person with Glaucoma.

6. Need complex lenses

Primesight Opticians offer a selected range of spectacles completely free of charge under the NHS Optical Voucher Scheme.

There is no additional charge on Fundus Photography or Optical Coherence Tomography Scan for customers who use their NHS Optical Vouchers for spectacles from us.